Christiaan van Bemmel

Proud to present

March 02, 2020

February 1st marked a big day in my career as professional software developer. It was the start of my journey as independent, freelance software developer.

Back in October 2019, while still working happily at Enrise, I noticed that I was thinking a lot about becoming an independent developer again. This wasn’t the first time I thought about this, but I always had a good reason not to do it: either new opportunities within Enrise or challenges in my personal life (the birth of my second child). This time, I decided to take the leap.

As a developer, I already have a ton of experience in software development. I’ve worked with several techniques and languages. The last years, I’ve been focussing more and more on the process of software development and getting a development team work together smoothly. These two fields (software development and project management) are what I’d like to combine: help building teams that create the software that is necessary to create, with the right tools, happy developers, happy users and happy colleagues in the organization outside of the development team.

My eventual goal would be to become (ad interim) CTO of businesses in need for solid software solutions. That goal is very ambitious, but it’s my “moonshot”. To make it manageable I start where I am right now: be an ad interim developer within a development team and try to achieve as much synergy as possible from within the team.

I’m excited about the step I took and looking forward towards a great and amibitious future. Oh, yes, then there’s the name. I tried coming up with deep life-lessons packed inside one word that would reflect this ambition. But, as it works with these things, the harder you think about it, the lamer the ideas get. So I decided to stick with my name for now: When I’m a multi-billion company, let’s look at that naming process again ;-).

If I can help you out with anything, please contact me via LinkedIn.

Freelance Javascript / React (Native) / Swift Developer